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July 13th, 2010

02:18 pm:  So i used the only writing of length i have about which happens to be the first few paragraphs of my candidacy proposal.  Apparently Edgar Allan Poe wrote like the first draft of a technical chemistry paper.

who knew?

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April 7th, 2010

01:47 am:

tycho is going to give himself an aneurysm. after 40 min with the same tech support guy (number 4 on the night) and doing the last thing possible test(it didn’t work regardless) before he submitted an internal report, my phone dropped the call. even better, it is now past the hours that support is open, therefore i cannot call him back. there does not appear to be a support email address. let us hope he has a soul and submits the damn report and they get back to me. but they don't have my information do they. i suppose i can call back tomorrow and say i was the same "tycho spadaro" who called 4 times last night totaling over an hour and a half, and not that other tycho spadaro roaming the earth. but that probably won't even work, and i'll have to explain to tech guy 5 what i said to tech girl 1 and tech guys 2, 3 and 4. it's gonna be swell.

and all to play a lousy game. i've probably spent more time trying to run it than the damn thing has content. i mean, you used to be able to buy a game at the store, go home and pop it in, install it and play it. Not even a cd key to slow you down. Ok, so they realized that was a bad business model, what with the internet and the data being easy to pass around. so they created the cd key, fine. Well then people just cracked the cd-keys so that didn't work and along came Steam, which would log the cd key to a specific user account so you can't just go around printing money   cd keys, fine.  but i really don't understand, past checking my cd key to assure i haven't stolen the game, which i haven't, i paid $40 for it, i need a games for windows live account to play it.  i don't know why, it's supposed to make my "interactive experience" better.  But i don’t even want to play the fucking thing on-line against other assholes.  i want to depressingly sit in a dark corner and blow stupid ai, on the easiest mode possible, to bits for my gratification.  i shouldn't need an x-box live account for that.  not that i mind having one, if it worked that is.  but fact is it doesn't, it's unnecessary and getting in my fucking way.  and now it's almost 2 am and i just called tech support because the cd key in to box wasn't working.  (you see, to play the game you need the live account, which for your convenience doesn't use the key that you're used to using, printed so lovingly in/on/about the box, but rather one given to the game by steam and hidden with your steam account.  not that they tell you that of course)

tycho out.


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December 19th, 2009

02:19 am: Upon waking i am editing this post behind an lj-cut. I'm still confused and angry, but less inebriated and don't generally like leaving cryptic, angry, profane posts on the internet. I have a friend who was 18 and died Wednesday after a month in an induced coma trying to fight pneumonia due to H1N1. I still don't get it and will leave my anger & confusion.Collapse )

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September 9th, 2009

11:18 pm: Beer Fail.
So i've decided to watch Top Chef this season.  It's on wednesday, after trivia night at the local public house.  This allows for a good sobering up, from the usual second place finish (drat), as i teach at 8 am.  However Top Chef appears to be sponsored by MGD 64 with the slogan:

"As light as it gets"

Now i have not yet fully developed my beer palate (I've got time, i'm only 23), but the very phrase "as light as it gets" is not only insulting but also revolting to me.

Frankly it makes me concerned for anyone who would be taken in by this commercial.  Now I drink diet soda copiously (my precious crack juice ie. diet coke) and have no quibble with the idea of ethanol consumption, but if you want to do it in a low calorie manner does it necessarily exclude flavor. 

That's not really the issue though.  My issues are
a)  Who the hell thought "as light as it gets" was a good slogan
b)  Who the hell thought it was a good idea to present this slogan once a commercial break to people watching a cooking show, as in people possibly interested in flavor.

This slogan has ensured not only that i never purchase the advertised product (this was pretty much a given) but also that i never allow it to pass the threshold of my apartment, abode or lips.  Ever.  With money on the table.  Ever.

Also i just felt like i should post.  I've been trying to stalk the forums the last few weeks but it's been hard.  I thought this might make a good thread, but i still don't know about the boards past the gen chat forums.  Though i haven't even posted there with regularity in the last two years and either way the board is down at the moment.  Still, it would be nice to get a to official council member status, if only for the perk of being able to change my title at will.  It's nice to have a custom title.  But i haven't tasted DPA in over a year and i really don't have anything better worth emailing Ran to change it to.  Ohh well, i'm not even half way to council member, but if i manage to keep on posting in BwB threads about attending events i should make it some time in the next ten years.

In other news tennis is fun to watch.  Go Soderling!!!  And i can't wait for the football season to start.

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August 18th, 2009

07:03 pm: So today after going to my last post wisdom teeth checkup I went to Panera when on my way out I walked past one of the speakers from Worldcon.  Now i did know he lives in the area.  He teaches at Union if i remember and his dog was named "Queen of Niskayuna" which is about half way between Troy and Schenectady. 

Regardless, I'm not a stalker.  I did mean to talk to him after either the presentation he gave or the panel he moderated.  But after his presentation on educating non-scientists about science he was a bit swamped, and after the panel he moderated on the philosophy of science it was much the same.  Also the panel was so distracting i probably shouldn't have stayed to the end.  (One of the panelists did nothing but steal the conversation to pimp his books, it was disheartening). 

So i felt like i really wanted to talk to him randomly at the Panera but i was on my way out, and my hands were full as i was carrying a soda and a water to flush out my tooth sockets (which was ice cold and a bad idea, tangents, no i never take tangents) and it all happened so fast.  Now i'm confused.  Should i shoot him an e-mail or some such thing saying i enjoyed his talks and i'm a student at RPI just down the road?  Do i mention that i saw him at Panera?  Do i commiserate that the unnamed hijacking member of his panel was a dick?  Or do i let it slide silently by?

I really don't know.  I'm at a point where i've been trying to not fall off the face of the planet, which happens to me from time to time.  There's this "networking" word which people use but seems truly ethereal.  He's a physicist and i'm a chemist, but the events he was in at Worldcon were about the sciences in general or maybe the physical sciences, so i feel it applies.

Dunno, i tried to call the family about such things but no one picked up.  Some have said that LJ is for rants, this is kind of a rant, more of a confusion really.  Now you have to read it.  Or not.  You can skip it.  Thoughts?

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August 10th, 2009

10:46 pm: to the bwb
To all the members of the BwB i just added, it's tycho, this is my LJ from highschool, and when i created it some bastard had already taken "tycho".  probably not even their real name. (fascist)  and from what i heard at the con lj is the place to be so here i am.

September 25th, 2008

12:40 am: ...lj... its for the hiding

ok, so just after i made my post on stalker book about never posting on lj anymore and not really caring, here i am posting on lj.  i think it's because i sort of  remember posting to be cathartic, but i dont want to learn how to make my stalkernotes private.  and i dont want it private from the world, just people here at rpi.

so i dont know if it's my upbringing (i blame mom for this one) but i just have to look at people funny when they dont know some things about... well things.  like being science people and they dont know what you mean when you say "ohh my god, CERN's multibillion project, which has been all over even the non science news because it will create a black hole and destroy the earth, just quenched a magnet and won't be up and running till the spring.  sucks for them physics pholks"  and they dont know what CERN is and have never heard of the large hadron collider.  or what esperanto is.  or never seen the muppet movie and have no idea about who the swedish chef is.  and lets not get started talking about board games.  but for all those categories to miss, it just makes me scratch my head.  that being said, the person this rant is quite clearly aimed at is a very cool person, who knows a lot of stuff, mostly related to being a band geek.  so that being said, if the person is cool, it doesnt really matter, but it can be hard to have an enthusiastic conversation about the plight of modern experimental physics or the coolness of google's language settings (like klingon) without this similarly geeky background.  (note, she probably knows what klingon is, and i pray to the gods that the day i make a blatant princess bride reference she has at least seen the movie, that one time back in grade school)

end rant one, which could have probably gone in the stalker book without me getting all wierd, because she saw the look on my face which i am trying to convey by that rant and probably already knows these thoughts i have.

begin part i wish to hide from the world but wihs to write and just hide in this internet abyss.  so there does seem to be a person on campus who would get most if not all of those references.  said person is also single and female.  now it's been a while since tycho has been around single females of remotely the same age and interests, and i think i may have developed a bit of what they seem to call a crush.  you know, it feels like im fucking 12 again.  or in 8th grade (14) when i went to ask a girl out for the first time.  and i was guaranteed of success.  only to be shot down.  that did great things to bolster my already rico suave type confidence.  it's not that i havn't had crushes in the last year and a half, but i never really cared enough to want to do anything.  social circles didn't overlap enough and i was going to be moving in less than a year, it didn't make sense to get worked up over it.  but now, i'm where i will be for the foreseeable future, and lets face it, i can be lonely.  cue emo shit.

I just dont know what to do with all this. my brain gets to thinking to fast.  and all my nice guy mental loop baggage kicks in.  even if i wanted to do anything about it i have not a fucking clue where to start.  damnable brains.  and she called me cute, wtf am i to do with that.  it's such a horrible label.  i mean it wasn't out of the blue, they (girl of top rant and girl of bottom musing) were discussing the physical appearances of other male grad students, i just happened to be there.  and it's not that im not cute, i mean i probably went all flushed in the face when they said it, q.e.d.  It's just a frustrating label.  guys, even guys who don't even like the guy label, still want to be sexy manly men.  at least in our own minds...   as i said, brains.

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April 1st, 2008

12:25 am: whats this livejournal thing for if not teenagesque angst
so life isn't actually all that bad, i should be graduating in a little over a month, i am into at least one grad school, uconn, and waitlisted at brown which would be so cool to go to, but who knows, and im still waiting on rpi to get back to me.  but this week i have the exams and the homes work and the tired from relay and the stress that we all have, and a poster presentation pretty much all day friday or some such.

but it's the little things, in decreasing order of importance here are a sample three:

aliea bitched me out today and apparently likes me as a person but does not like me professionally, basically thinks i am lazy/useless/bad in the lab.  i probably wont finish my project before may which feels just awesome.  and i thought i was doing well, i havnt turned in one lab report late all semester, now i know that how its supposed to go, but it has been almost two years since i could claim such a feat.  and after laying these charges against me she just walked away not allowing me to rebut.

secondly, jeni is now in a facebook worthy relationship.  now this isnt particularly surprising, and grats to her and the lucky other, but... le sigh.  nuff said.

and lastly, sam parked in my parking spot.   seriously sam, that is clearly my parking spot, it just has a mystical aura about it... no biggie though, i just torched your car instead.  <_<  well not really.  but after a night of failing spectacularly at advanced inorgainc homework it was the perfect icing for the cake...

which is a lie anyways, so don't worry about it

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February 27th, 2008

12:58 am: having a pity party.  i'll be ok.  some days, or some strings of days just blow.


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November 25th, 2007

01:28 am: gods im tired
im tired.  my eyes are bloodshot to hell.  im runnin' on empty, but im home.

isnt home nice.  a nice familiar bed, familiar shower, familiar climate.

not that rhode island isn't still the best state on the face of the planet, but damn it gets cold there, and it wasn't even cold this weekend.

so home was good.  friends, turkey(bean didnt make her cranberry relish, but i'll force her at x-mass), a little football, some family.
the dog, Gus, is looking a little tubby, dads house is under construction again, kitchen gutted.
relations with alison seem to be on the up.

dropped off swag, citrus
returned with swag, passport, x-mass presents, both books and a few forties for brandi and myself.

apparently im in a bullety mood tonight, but some stuff needs paragraphs, even if they're short.  so my necklace is breaking, super glue has been applied, but it definitely signals the begining of the end for the necklace, which really sucks, because i really like it.  i've had it since the band trip to epcot, which was sophomore year i think, so its been about five years.  it cost seven bucks, it's one of the few things i own and value as priceless.  also in the jewelery related area, i noticed i was rubbing my ring finger like i used to when i wore jeni's ring.  dont know why i mention it, i just felt like it was important, wanted to throw it out there.  i have ideas as to why, or it could be meaningless.  regardless im going to bed.  i may think about it in the morning.


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